Don’t take our word for it

We Were Always Loyal to Lost Causes is presently celebrating its one month birthday. One of the best parts of the last several weeks has been reading all the reviews that have been popping up in internet land. We’re truly humbled by all the positive feedback. And we’re still waiting for the first real stinker (go ahead, we can take it!). A few snippets are below. Click hear to see the gory details.

Absolute Punk:We Were Always Loyal To Lost Causes is as a close to a perfect post-rock album as you can get.”

The Big Takeover: “music this intricate and delicate is not made in a hurry  an impressive record of powerful beauty”

Dagger: “The Dandelion War is in no hurry to get where it’s going; taking time to put forth layers of beautiful guitar and distant synthesizers before Larry Fernandez’s swooping vocals take us on any of several journeys.”

7BitArcade: “To say that this album is moving is an understatement. Prepare to be soothed, to be crushed, to be inspired.”

And, as a reminder, you can buy the digital album from Deep Elm, and physical CDs straight from us.


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